Maciej Łoziński

I'm a developer with 6 years of work experience.

I use: Java, Spring, HTML, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Linux, Tomcat, Maven, Eclipse.

Work priorities: code quality, stability, simple and efficient technologies, possibly open source. Work in friendly environment, be mobile and agile.

Directions and distractions: data mining, neural networks, mobile development, client-side apps, node.js, rebol.

Personal priorities: understanding myself, develop my mind and heart, minimize harm made to my surrounding, patiently wait for opportunities and don't miss them when they appear, never stop to wonder.

Fascinations: MUSIC, diaspora*, Open Source Ecology, Vercetti Technicolor, ePaństwo, nice places to live, Volksvagen Corrado, Sublime Text, cohousing, Intergalactic FM, Kontakt, Copenhagen Suborbitals ...